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Release Day! Broken Pieces by Kathleen Long

Posted on 19 Jul 2016 In: Reading

Happy Release Day to Kathleen Long!  If you’re a long time reader of the blog, you know I really enjoy her books.

Chasing Rainbows  was one of my favorites for 2012. Changing Lanes was quirky and engaging.   And now Kathleen is back with Broken Pieces.

 broken pieces

About the Book

Destiny Jones is doing just fine on her own, thanks. From her thriving one-woman carpentry business to the loving support of her small-town community, Destiny has constructed a life as sturdy and polished as her best cabinets. Twenty years ago, Destiny’s world collapsed when her mother died and her father, Albert, abandoned his daughter to pursue acting in New York. His devastating exit taught Destiny a lesson in self-reliance that has kept her safe—and alone—ever since.

Now Albert Jones is back, begging for a second chance. Destiny suspects he’s simply staging another performance, starring himself as the prodigal father. Should she act on her misgivings? Or listen to her inner child, who still yearns for a family? When Albert divulges a shocking secret, Destiny’s life will again be turned upside down.

Kathleen Long’s warm, wise novel reveals the armor that has protected us in the past is often the very thing we must shed to fully live and love.

You can order the book here.  I’ll be reading it on vacation!

About Kathleen Long  kathleen long

Kathleen Long is a USA TODAY bestselling author of sixteen novels in the genres of Women’s Fiction, Suspense, and Contemporary Romance. She divides her time between suburban Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore. When she’s not on deadline or teaching creative writing, Kathleen spends her time bribing her tween to pick up her room and begging her dog to heel. Please look for BROKEN PIECES, available July 19th from Lake Union Publishing.

Connect with Kathleen:

Website: www.kathleenlong.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kathleenlong
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KLWords
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29057915-broken-pieces

Whole 30- Discontinuing Posts in this time of Chaos.

Posted on 8 Jul 2016 In: Doing

In light of the events in the US this week, the senseless killing of more black men and officers doing their job at a peaceful protest, posting something trivial like an update on my personal healthy eating goals seems trivial and self-absorbed.

I’ll post a wrap up at the end of my plan, but I am discontinuing the daily posts.

Whole 30, Day 7

Posted on 6 Jul 2016 In: Doing

A full week in.  I don’t have anything new to add, except to state, again, that planning is key.  There’s no “grab a Lean Cuisine” on this plan, so to have something easy and accessible takes some work.

I’ve taken advantage of the pre-made  roasted chicken from my Whole Foods, and their salad bar.  I can get some deli meats (reading labels, of course).  The key thing for me is left overs, and easy to snack on fruits and vegetables at the ready.

I’m drinking a lot of sparkling water and club soda in addition to regular water, and I confess, the thing I am missing most is drinks with more flavor.  Time to head back to Whole Foods to get some more fruit to make more mocktails.

With Whole 30, you stay off the scale, so I have no idea if I am losing weight yet.  I hope I’ll see a difference in the way my clothes fit soon.

I was at an event last night, and walked right by the dessert table. Nothing tempted me.  That’s a good thing! Now, let’s see how I fare next time  I see french fries…


Whole 30, Day 5 and 6

Posted on 4 Jul 2016 In: Doing

Pool party success! Cook out success!  Two events yesterday that could have been terrible pitfalls, but all worked out well. I planned ahead. I had lots of sparkling water on hand. I took foods that I could eat. I focused on the socializing and not the food.

I didn’t miss the booze.  I haven’t wanted to “kill all the things” as the Whole 30 book said I might.

My allergies have dissipated a lot! That’s a good thing.  I’m also still easily sleeping 9-10 hours a night, which is weird for me.  I’m  not sure if that is related to this, or not.

Fourth of July success, too! I was at the pool all day today with friends. Again, planning was key.  I took food I could have. I took lots of sparkling water, and I just set it in my mind before I went that it would be a good day without needing junk food or adult beverages.  I looked at the chips on the table, but I wasn’t tempted by them. The temptation was freshly grilled corn on the cob. But I didn’t indulge.

I may have this. I hope I do.

Whole 30, Days 3 and 4

Posted on 3 Jul 2016 In: Doing

So, I forgot to post yesterday.  Oops. Making up for that now.  Day 3 (Friday) really wasn’t all that bad. I think I mentioned before that I work from home, so it makes it a lot easier to not be tempted.

My neighbors invited me over for Pizza Friday that evening, so I made sure to have a good meal before I went. Usually, dinner and hanging out with these friends also involves wine, so I was prepared with sparkling water and lime. I had something to keep in my hands,  and I didn’t really miss the wine.

Saturday I had a good breakfast, then went out to run some errands, thinking I would get home in time for lunch. Some friends asked me to come meet them at a brewery, so that caused a bit of an issue. I needed food, but knew it would be tough to find something compliant in a drive through. Thankfully, I was in Target when they texted, so I was able to grab an approved protein bar and some nuts (and, had I thought more clearly, I could have grabbed tuna or canned chicken) and ate that on the way.  I’m not a beer person, so no temptation at the Brewery, just glad to spend some time with friends.

Stayed in Saturday night and cooked a delicious salmon meal and tried one of the “mocktails” to break up the water, water, and more water I have been drinking.

Today is a pool party, so I’m taking things I know I can eat, but this will be the first real temptation. After that is a cookout tonight, and I am taking things I know I can have.

Happy Sunday!