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Whole 30, Day 7

Posted on 6 Jul 2016 In: Doing

A full week in.  I don’t have anything new to add, except to state, again, that planning is key.  There’s no “grab a Lean Cuisine” on this plan, so to have something easy and accessible takes some work.

I’ve taken advantage of the pre-made  roasted chicken from my Whole Foods, and their salad bar.  I can get some deli meats (reading labels, of course).  The key thing for me is left overs, and easy to snack on fruits and vegetables at the ready.

I’m drinking a lot of sparkling water and club soda in addition to regular water, and I confess, the thing I am missing most is drinks with more flavor.  Time to head back to Whole Foods to get some more fruit to make more mocktails.

With Whole 30, you stay off the scale, so I have no idea if I am losing weight yet.  I hope I’ll see a difference in the way my clothes fit soon.

I was at an event last night, and walked right by the dessert table. Nothing tempted me.  That’s a good thing! Now, let’s see how I fare next time  I see french fries…


Whole 30, Day 5 and 6

Posted on 4 Jul 2016 In: Doing

Pool party success! Cook out success!  Two events yesterday that could have been terrible pitfalls, but all worked out well. I planned ahead. I had lots of sparkling water on hand. I took foods that I could eat. I focused on the socializing and not the food.

I didn’t miss the booze.  I haven’t wanted to “kill all the things” as the Whole 30 book said I might.

My allergies have dissipated a lot! That’s a good thing.  I’m also still easily sleeping 9-10 hours a night, which is weird for me.  I’m  not sure if that is related to this, or not.

Fourth of July success, too! I was at the pool all day today with friends. Again, planning was key.  I took food I could have. I took lots of sparkling water, and I just set it in my mind before I went that it would be a good day without needing junk food or adult beverages.  I looked at the chips on the table, but I wasn’t tempted by them. The temptation was freshly grilled corn on the cob. But I didn’t indulge.

I may have this. I hope I do.

Whole 30, Days 3 and 4

Posted on 3 Jul 2016 In: Doing

So, I forgot to post yesterday.  Oops. Making up for that now.  Day 3 (Friday) really wasn’t all that bad. I think I mentioned before that I work from home, so it makes it a lot easier to not be tempted.

My neighbors invited me over for Pizza Friday that evening, so I made sure to have a good meal before I went. Usually, dinner and hanging out with these friends also involves wine, so I was prepared with sparkling water and lime. I had something to keep in my hands,  and I didn’t really miss the wine.

Saturday I had a good breakfast, then went out to run some errands, thinking I would get home in time for lunch. Some friends asked me to come meet them at a brewery, so that caused a bit of an issue. I needed food, but knew it would be tough to find something compliant in a drive through. Thankfully, I was in Target when they texted, so I was able to grab an approved protein bar and some nuts (and, had I thought more clearly, I could have grabbed tuna or canned chicken) and ate that on the way.  I’m not a beer person, so no temptation at the Brewery, just glad to spend some time with friends.

Stayed in Saturday night and cooked a delicious salmon meal and tried one of the “mocktails” to break up the water, water, and more water I have been drinking.

Today is a pool party, so I’m taking things I know I can eat, but this will be the first real temptation. After that is a cookout tonight, and I am taking things I know I can have.

Happy Sunday!

Whole 30 Day 2

Posted on 1 Jul 2016 In: Doing

Day 2 wasn’t quite as easy as Day 1. I got a pretty obnoxious headache late in the afternoon.  I think not quite enough of the right kinds of food, and certainly less caffeine. I went  to dinner with some friends. My dinner?  Burger, no bun; mustard only with lettuce, tomato, and onion, and a side salad. Club soda with lime to drink.

Nice perk, though, was the bill. It’s a lot less without wine on it 😉

I’m planning ahead for the holiday weekend. And realizing that restaurants are going to be really challenging.

The Whole 30  “what to expect on Day X” seems to be right on track. That means I may be grumpy tomorrow, so it is a good thing I don’t have plans.

Happy Weekend!

Mischievous Eyes

Posted on 30 Jun 2016 In: Thinking

A friend of mine liked this photo on Facebook today.  I’m not sure who deserves credit for it, but it started me thinking about something.




The phrase on it, “Here’s to all my girlfriends who will help me cause trouble in the nursing home” made me think about my mom’s time in assisted living, when she was still mobile.  Her mind was already not the same, poisoned by the cancer or dementia, I don’t know which.  This particular visit was the first time I think she didn’t know who I was.   My cousin Jennifer was with me. Mom didn’t know either of us, never said either of our names, or recognized I was her daughter; Jennifer, her niece. But she knew we were friends, that we were safe, that we meant her no harm.

Earlier in the week, Mom had pulled the fire alarm in the Assisted Living facility. Naturally, this is frowned upon, for a number of valid reasons. It was also completely out of character for my mother. So when Jennifer and I arrived to visit that Sunday, it made sense that all the fire alarms were covered with white paper, trying to distract my mother so she wouldn’t pull them again.

Except she really wanted to.  As we walked around with mom, she kept trying to get close enough to pull the alarm.  We constantly had to distract her.  We physically had to stand between her and the alarms.  What I remember most about it was this mischievous glint in my mother’s eyes.  Like someone who is good-naturedly trying to get away with something they know they shouldn’t.

It made me wonder about my mother as a child, before her father died when she was thirteen; Before her mother was left to raise ten children on her own, the youngest only just over a year old.  Before she married, before she became a parent herself. Before she was a Responsible Adult in the Garden Club, with  Golf outings  and PTA meetings on the calendar.

Don’t get me wrong, she had a great sense of humor.  But until that day, I never saw that mischievous side of my mother. This glimpse of who she may have been when she was younger, playing with her siblings.  I don’t know that it was even a real glimpse of her. Cancer and dementia are insidious things, changing and warping people. But I like to think that the parts of my mother I saw during this time were pieces of her.

And I hope that when my girlfriends and I are in the retirement home together, we have a gleam of fun in our eyes, and that we are causing (harmless) trouble.