I read because I must. It's like breathing to me. And I love talking about books. But I'm also an Arsenal fan, a wine drinker, a music lover and weirdly obsessed with pop culture. I mostly blog about books, but sometimes about things I'm thinking or doing. When I'm not on the blog, I'm scoping deals for a professional services company, hanging out with friends, or seeing some live theater.

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About TheBookFetish

I’m Ashley, and I’m TheBookFetish. I’ve been an avid reader since I was four. At the end of 2009, I saw a friend post on Facebook the number of books he had read that year. I knew I had read a lot, but had no idea how many. And then an idea was born. I read quickly. I can devour a book in an afternoon if there’s nothing else I need to do. But with work and life in the mix, could I read a book a week?

That was the challenge I set for myself in 2010. To read fifty-two books in fifty-two weeks. And blog about the books I read.

I didn’t want to do a traditional blog about style and meaning, but more about what a book meant to me, what it made me feel. And so began my quest.

I met that original goal of fifty-two books in October of 2010. But I was having so much fun blogging, and communicating with other readers through the blogosphere and over Twitter that I decided to keep the blog going. I don’t a goal of a set number of books to read going forward. But I’m still reading all the time, and participating in a few reading challenges.

As great as reading is, sometimes things go on that I want to share but don’t fit neatly in a bookish niche. That’s where things I think and do come in. I hope you enjoy those posts as well.

Welcome, and enjoy reading about what I read, think, and do. I read every comment that comes in, and I respond to as many as I can. You can contact me here (aw.bookfetish@gmail.com) and follow me on Twitter (@mybookfetish)


Review Policy

I love interacting with authors, and I’m flattered that I am beginning to receive requests for reviews. In light of the growing number of requests, I’ve decided it’s best for me to post a review policy.

I do accept solicitations for review, at my discretion.  If you’re considering asking me to review your book, please take a look around the site first, and make sure you’re comfortable with the types of books I read and the style and approach I take when reviewing a work.  You can contact me for a review through any of the methods available on the site.

Acceptance of a book for review does not guarantee a positive review.  In general, if I can find nothing positive to say about a book, I will not comment on it.  I may comment on an author’s style or approach, but comments of this sort should not be considered an attack on the author.

If you are requesting a review by a particular date, particularly in the case of an Advance Reader Copy, please let me know that at the time of the request and I will do my best to accommodate it, or provide reasonable notice if I am unable to meet the date.

I may update this policy at any time and without notice.

If you have any questions, please ask.