I read because I must. It's like breathing to me. And I love talking about books. But I'm also an Arsenal fan, a wine drinker, a music lover and weirdly obsessed with pop culture. I mostly blog about books, but sometimes about things I'm thinking or doing. When I'm not on the blog, I'm scoping deals for a professional services company, hanging out with friends, or seeing some live theater.

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Posted on 8 Mar 2010 In: Reading

Book 15: Freedom TM

A cautionary cyber-thriller rife with fodder for conspiracy theorists. That’s my one sentence description of Daniel Suarez’s Freedom TM. But before you go out and pick this one up, be sure to read Daemon first (http://www.amazon.com/Daemon-Daniel-Suarez/dp/0451228731/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1268083971&sr=8-1). That is critical, because Freedom TM picks up right where Daemon leaves off, and you’ll be lost and frustrated […]

Posted on 7 Mar 2010 In: Reading

Book 14: Firefly Lane

I saw a reference to author Kristin Hannah somewhere on Facebook. Maybe Emily Giffin’s page? I can’t really remember. But then I was browsing at Barnes and Noble and came across Firefly Lane, noticed the author’s name, and decided to pick it up. I read the back cover. It sounded interesting if not a bit […]

Posted on 27 Feb 2010 In: Reading

Book 13: The Politician

When the 2008 Presidential campaign was looming, John Edwards was the first Democratic candidate I really considered following. I liked his stance on Poverty eradication. I wanted to give him a shot at the candidacy. I don’t know precisely what it was that triggered me to start looking at the other contenders, and ultimately wholeheartedly […]

Posted on 25 Feb 2010 In: Reading

Book 12: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Ah, travel weeks. Those times when I am guaranteed solid time to read while sitting on a plane or in the airport, when I’m having a solo dinner with all the other road warriors in some random hotel restaurant. This was one of those weeks with 16 hours of travel logged, so plenty of time […]

Posted on 24 Feb 2010 In: Reading

Random Posting

There is no book associated with this post. Instead, some general observations. I’ve loved to read for as long as I can remember. I’m a fast reader. A really good book can suck me in and I will neglect all else in the world to read a little more. Although I’m ahead of the book-a-week […]