When I revamped this blog, I decided that it would also include some things that are completely for fun. You already know from The Book Fetish that I love books, but there are a few other things I’m pretty passionate about.

Today, I’m talking about things I love that start with B:  Butter London, Burberry, and Bitches on a Budget.

Thanks to Bitches on a Budget (http://bitchesonabudget.com/) I learned about Butter London Nail Lacquers (http://www.butterlondon.com/).  First, most of the colors have clever British names, which I love.  In fact, my toes are a lovely red shade called “Saucy Jack” right now, and before the night is over, my fingers will be a plummy-mauve shade called “Tramp Stamp.”

My fingers are on a keyboard nearly all day long between work and play.  With the base and top coats from Butter London, the colors last longer than most of my salon manis, and that’s saying something.  The fall collection in available for pre-order now, and I’m trying to decide which colors I want.

There’s a collection in Butter London called 3 Free. These lacquers are free of formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP and STILL stay on forever.  My favorite in that collection (so far) is a deep metallic gray called “Chimney Sweep.”  And for those of us who aren’t true Brits, there’s a great little British dictionary included in the site that gives some background on the product names.  

Staying in the British and beauty theme (more or less) I’ll talk about my Burberry (www.burberry.com).  First, I bought a Burberry tote that is just the perfect every day bag.  My work laptop is small, and this tote holds it and everything I would take in a purse, so I have to carry only one bag to the office.  It’s not too big for weekends running errands, though I do carry a much smaller bag for nights out.   And hello, it’s plaid! I love plaid.  The style is classic, and although the bag was pricey, it will last a lifetime.  So well worth the money.

But, the other thing I love about Burberry is the fashion house’s new cosmetics line.   I adore makeup. I like playing with new colors, trying new products, and would love to have a job where I could play in it all day long. At the same time, I like classic looks, low maintenance make up and looks that can go easily from day to night.  So when I read that Burberry, already a favorite brand of mine, was launching a cosmetics line, I was stalking the internet for more information. 

I ordered three eyeshadows, three lipsticks, and a mascara and I love them.  I bought Trench, Khaki, and Taupe Brown eye enhancers (as Burberry calls them), and Mocha, Ruby, and Deep Burgundy lip colors. Love them.  The eye colors are neutral but provide plenty of definition.  Mocha is a nice, neutral lip color. Ruby is a true red, perfect for day or night, and the color really brightens teeth, too,  Right now the cosmetics are available in the States only through Burberry.com, select Nordstrom’s stores, and Nordstrom.com.  But I love them, and will be ordering more.

And to wrap this post, back to Bitches on a Budget. Seriously. Check out the site if you haven’t. Buy the book. It’s worth it. This isn’t a book about getting out of debt. It’s about spending wisely, splurging where it makes sense, and learning to live fabulously no matter what our budget. Totally worth a read.