Week 1 of the Game on Diet (or as we contestants are calling it, Crazy Game On Diet) is officially over.  I’m proud to say I lost an even (and healthy) two pounds.

No artificial creamers or sweeteners since July 31. I also have not had a soda since July 31.  Sparkling water with no sweeteners is proving to be my salvation there.  It’s the carbonation I like the most, although I have craved the taste a few times this week.

There’s been several things I have loved about this game so far. I love getting more sleep.  I really approve of any game that says sleep more. I feel so much better with that extra rest.

At the risk of sounding like a nouveau coffee snob, I now completely understand the appeal of French Press coffee. It is the only way I can take coffee black.  

I’ve adapted pretty easily to the smaller, more frequent meals. Yes, yes, lots of planning. But also noticing that it really does take less food to sate us.

On the flip side, I realized at dinner last night (my meal off for the week) that the game is already giving me a bit of a complex when it comes to eating out.  I stared and stared and stared at the menu until I remembered the point of the meal off: to not feel as though you are being deprived in this process.  It really is important to indulge once in a while.  So I ordered the burger, and loved it. I ate a few of the fried pickles (I’m in the South. We’ll fry anything). I left most of my French Fries on the plate.  And when I got on the scale this morning, it was one pound higher than yesterday?! What?  Which goes to show just how much all the bad for us stuff does impact us on a daily basis.  Still, I don’t feel guilty for it. Although, I will always make sure my food day and meal off are not right before points submission time in the future.

Now, let’s talk about booze. I didn’t indulge until it was sanctioned.  I took a penalty last night- I was allotted one drink then through a little misunderstanding on the part of the waiter, I ended up with a drink I didn’t order.  I chose to take the penalty points.  It was a deliberate action.  But in my defense, the UFC Fight was on in the tavern we were in, and I got caught up in all the yelling at those crazy men cage fighting each other. Not my sport.  Anyway, it led me to a realization.  I really think that if I hadn’t had the sanctioned glass of wine, I wouldn’t have been tempted with the others.  So next time I’m out for several hours on a Meal or Food Day off, I’ll probably just skip it all together. Save the calories, save my points. Because really? I’ve not missed it much at all.

So Week 2 began this morning.  I’m going to see Green Day in concert tomorrow night, which means my meal off and potentially exercise day off will be tomorrow.  I’m probably also going to take my sleep day off on Monday, by sheer logistics. I have a conference call at 8AM on Tuesday, so I’m just not sure seven hours of sleep will be possible between the time I get home from the concert and the time I have to be up to make said call.

But overall, I’m having fun, so I’m keeping at it. I’m also already recruiting players for a round 2 in September.