Another week down! Another two pounds down!  So I’m happy.

This week was actually a little easier than the first week because I know how to plan and what to expect.  But it was also a little harder mentally because it is hard to be spontaneous following this plan. Monday night, I had a concert to go to, so I took that as my food day off, and I completely enjoyed myself at the show.  But when last minute plans presented themselves Wednesday night, I had to figure out how to get in a plan-friendly dinner.  Then I took the snacking penalty because I had an appetizer with a friend- at least it was healthy: hummus and pita and vegetable sticks.  Yes, it was a penalty, but I was also glad to see that I naturally was drawn to the healthier choice.

I had intended Friday lunch to be my meal off.   I was going to one of my favorite restaurants and wanted to get my favorite dish.  When lunch plans changed, I ate a typical Game On Diet meal.  I wasn’t feeling deprived or like I needed the splurge, so I didn’t take it.  That’s the point I’m getting to- the point of the game- the healthier lifestyle is taking route.  I’m finding I just want to make the better decisions.

I’m still not loving black coffee, but a little vanilla extract in it, or cinnamon, is helping a bit.  The thing I’ve craved the most? An icy cold Coke Zero.  But I haven’t had a single soda, even when it is allowed in the plan.  I’m actually rather proud of myself for that.

The best thing, though, is how much more sleep I am getting. Seven hours is the requisite minimum amount in the game, and I was getting that most of the time. But I was still waking up so tired.  So I forced myself to try each night for eight hours. And I feel so much better.  That is probably the single biggest improvement I’ve noticed from these two weeks: how much better I feel in general when I am well rested.

So now we’re on to Week 3.  I already had the food day off for this week, and the wine I had at last night’s concert gave me a fitful sleep last night, so even though it was enough time, it wasn’t good sleep. That’s impacted my motivation today, but I am powering through it. I figure I did it to myself, so I can get over it and get my head in the game.

We’re already talking round 2. I plan to take a week or two off between rounds- it is good to surprise your metabolism once in a while- and I want to have no worries over Labor Day Weekend. So if you’re interested in playing, starting the week of 13 September, let me know!