This is it. The last day of the Game On Diet.

I admit it, by this week, I’ve had a bit of GoD fatigue. So have most of the other players.  I think that is partially because real life has been a bit more hectic this week, and this was just one more thing to have to think about.

But then I think about all I’ve gained- and lost- from the last four weeks.  Eight pounds, gone. Clothes fitting better.  The chemicals I was so used to ingesting every day in the form of diet sodas and artificial sweeteners have been gone from my life for twenty-eight days now.

I feel better. I’m sleeping more. I’m more flexible because of working out and doing Yoga.  I’m drinking even more water than before.  I’m thinking about why I want to eat, not mindlessly noshing, even on healthy things, any more.

That’s the point of the game- to learn balance and to listen to your body. To be kind to yourself.  So it has been completely worth it.

I’m planning to take off the full stringency of the game until after Labor Day- that doesn’t mean I’m going back to all the old habits, just adapting them for long term maintainability. Then I’ll planning to play again for another four weeks, which should then have it all fully ingrained.  Because I’m in favor of anything that helps me feel better, more balanced. 

Who’s up for round 2?