I don’t normally blog about photography books, but I have to share two I came across recently. Thanks to my favorite non-profit, Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary, I learned about Melissa McDaniel’s Photo Book Project.

After becoming the owner of a deaf dog herself, Melissa became an advocate for disabled dog adoption. Melissa photographed and told the stories of  deaf and rescued dogs.  Often misunderstood as untrainable and aggressive, deaf dogs are routinely turned into shelters and often euthanized if they cannot be adopted out.

In Deaf Dogs, McDaniel pairs photographs and heartwarming stories of deaf dogs who have found their forever home.  I found myself turning pages quickly, smiling and, I confess, tearing up a bit as I read through the book in one sitting.

McDaniel did the same thing for rescue dogs in Rescued in America. Again, beautiful photographs that really capture the personality of the dogs and the stories of their journey to their families.

These books are now proudly displayed on my coffee table.  Anyone who loves animals, or has a special place in their heart for disabled or rescued dogs will love these books.