There’s no other way to say it, I loved Debora Geary’s A Modern Witch.

I picked it up because one snippet I saw about it compared it to Harry Potter for adults.  That’s true in the fact that our heroine, Lauren, doesn’t know she’s a witch.  To me, that’s really where the similarity ends.  If you’re truly looking a Harry Potter for adults, with an epic battle between good and evil, then this probably isn’t the read for you.  But if you’re open to something that embraces the softer, more nuanced side of magic, with an emphasis on relationships, then keep reading.

Now, fair warning.  I’m going to get a little sentimental in this review. Some might even say “gushy”. Apologies in advance, this just resonated with me, and I have to talk about it.

Lauren, a Chicago realtor, is great at her job because of the uncanny ability she has to match her clients with their perfect home. Ordering her groceries online one evening, Lauren is summoned to a witch’s chat by a fetching spell. Lauren denies she’s a witch, but the fetching spell can’t be wrong, and so begins our story.

Geary unravels the tale at just the right pace, bringing in a great cast of characters. There are the witches who train Lauren how to harness her newfound powers; The Irish Matriarch of the witches; Lauren’s best friend; and a four year old boy who just happens to be the most powerful witch born in generations.  Each has his or her strength, and each contributes uniquely to the story.

I said I loved this book. And I did. I loved it because there was just enough magic to the tale.  If you have any appreciation for the elements, for crystals and herbs, for the power of intuition, then I think you’ll understand the appeal of the magic Geary uses.  I liked the way Geary has Lauren begin to understand and (minor spoiler) eventually embrace her powers.  But what sealed the deal for me?  I loved how much love there was in this book.  Yes, some romantic love. But really, it’s the love of a community. How supportive the witches are of each other; the deep bond that exists between Lauren and her best friend Nat.  It’s ultimately a very happy story.

I’ll admit it, I teared up a bit at the end. Sappy, yes. But there was just so much love within the story that it made me feel hopeful.  Maybe, also, a bit wistful.  Because who wouldn’t embrace a little bit more love, a little bit more magic, coming into their lives?

It looks like A Modern Witch is just the first in a series, and I cannot wait to read more.