I had to travel last week.  Part of the reason I bought an iPad is so that I can travel with lots of books loaded up and ready to go.  But there’s that pesky time during taxi, takeoff, and landing where you just can’t use the electronic devices. Normally, I pack magazines and catch up on back issues during this time, but last week, I packed  Lisa Becker’s debut novel, Click: An Online Love Story.

And I’m glad I did.

I was entertained from the beginning. Just in the time we were on the tarmac on the outbound portion of the trip, I read a little over half the book. Coming home two days later, I finished it during that same “no electronics allowed” time. It was that entertaining.

Renee Greene is about to turn thirty. She always thought she’d be married by now, and at this point, she’s not even dating.  She makes a pact with her best guy friend to try online dating.  Becker takes a fresh spin on things by revealing the story through a series of emails, between Renee and best-guy-friend Mark and her girl friends Ashley and Shelley, as well as some of the guys she encounters in the online dating world.

It’s obvious that Lisa Becker spent some time in the world of cyberspace relationship hunting.  The emails and encounters- both the good ones and the painfully awful- ring with authenticity.  If you’ve ever tried online dating, with all its pitfalls, pleasures, and funny (at least after the fact) stories, then you can identify with Renee and her experiences.

The obvious plot to pursue in this scenario would have been for Mark and Renee to find each other online and decide they are perfect for each other. Becker doesn’t choose this route. Instead, she throws in a twist that I thought was pretty cool, and adds an unanticipated emotional depth to the story.  I say that because I don’t know any woman who hasn’t done what Renee does and I’m not sure how I would react if I found myself in her situation.

Although they aren’t developed to the extent of Renee’s character, I felt like I understood well how Mark, Ashley, and Shelley fit into Renee’s life- why they are her friends, and I think they play their supporting roles well.  And I swear I’ve encountered some of Renee’s dates in my own life.

I found myself chuckling a few times throughout the book, and pulling for Renee to find her happiness. If you like Chick lit, and you’re looking for a fun read- perfect for vacation- then check out Lisa Becker’s Click.