Debora Geary is back with the charming second book in the Modern Witch series, A Hidden Witch.

Elorie Shaw has grown up with the witches of Nova Scotia. Despite never showing magical skills, Elorie helps train young witchlings. So when a fetching spell summons Elorie, she assumes it is a mistake. After all, she’s grown up with the most powerful witches of the age. Surely, if she were a witch, they would have discovered it. Is there a chance that Elorie’s deepest desire might be within her grasp?

I loved A Hidden Witch for a number of reasons.  I like how although the story is focused on Elorie, the beloved characters from A Modern Witch are back and play a major role in Elorie’s journey.  It’s like a visit with old friends while making new ones. I love the idea of magic, and because of that, I love how magic symbolizes so many other things in Geary’s world.

Once again, we’re taken into a community of people who truly care for each other and want the best for each other.  Even when there are sad moments, this series makes me happy because of the love the characters have for each other. It’s all manifested in the witching circles that are called. It’s quite interesting when you start applying the magical imagery to what it relates to in our non-magical worlds.

Once again, Geary has given us a story of hopes and dreams, of friendship, love, and community and packaged it in a way that illustrates the magic all around us- both in nature and perhaps in the most unexpected of places.