Amanda Strong’s With Just One Click explores the impact of social media, specifically Facebook, on three different women, with a ring of authenticity sure to resonate with anyone who has a Facebook profile.

You can find nearly anyone on Facebook these days, and when that person from the past comes back into the picture, it can wreak all kinds of havoc.

Chloe’s first love ended things between them suddenly, leaving her with a wealth of questions she may finally get answers to, but what if reconnecting means she gets hurt again?

Morgan goes from that mom who posts only about her kids and how wonderful her life is to jealous and suspicious when she sees the comments being left by her husband’s old girlfriend.

Brynn is lonely. While she appears to have everything, her teenaged children are growing up and don’t need her as much anymore. Her husband is a workaholic she never sees.  Brynn finds the connections and camaraderie on Facebook that have been missing from her life.  But one particular connection could destroy everything in her world- and part of her wants it to.

We all know people like this- we’ve all seen something like this unfold on Facebook, either through our own pages or those of a friend.  With just one click, Chloe, Morgan, and Brynn could change their world.

What I liked about the book is that each character steps outside herself. Chloe takes the very brave chance at happiness, with no guaranteed outcome.  Morgan challenges herself, stepping outside her role as wife and mother, and fights for what she wants. Brynn risks her whole world and faces up to past regrets. Nothing is neat- these clicks open up seemingly nice normal lives to a bit of messy. But the messy is what makes life intriguing and worth living.

Strong also gives the characters very realistic posting practices, particularly two that drive me mad amongst some of my own FB friends.  Initially, Morgan is that one who posts only pictures of her children and what is going on with them.  We don’t really see Morgan- we see her in her role. When she sets a particular challenge for herself,  we actually start seeing her in her whole self as she posts.  Brynn does the other thing that drives me mad on Facebook- the cryptic posts that imply something is going on but don’t provide any details. I liked the realism of the posting practices, despite the fact that they drive me crazy and I would have hidden these people had they been in my own friend list.

In With Just One Click we have three women embarking on three very different journeys.  We’re rooting for them all to find happiness, whatever that might be for them.  Amanda Strong gives us a compelling story with likable characters with whom we identify. She gives us a relatable, story. I know I’ve wondered “what if” before when I’ve accepted particular friend requests. I enjoyed reading With Just One Click, and I’ll definitely read more Amanda Strong.