Sarah Matthews has what some people- maybe most- consider to be the perfect life. She’s married to a wonderful guy, is mom to two adorable kids, and runs a business part time with her sister-in-law. From the outside everything looks perfect. Everything should BE perfect. So why is Sarah having recurring nightmares?

An opportunity from her former boss gives Sarah a chance to find herself again while on assignment in Paris.

What I liked about Until the End of Forever is Sarah’s thought process. I don’t know a woman who can’t identify with Sarah’s struggles about who SHE is, once she’s also defined as “HIS wife” and “THEIR mom”   or any of the other labels we wear- friend, lover, employee, sister, daughter, boss… It’s easy to understand how getting caught up in those roles can make you lose your own identity.  I’ve talked about this very thing with friends, and I think that is the inherent value of the story: it is so relatable.

Equally authentic are the reactions of Sarah’s friends and family when they learn of her discontent. When things look perfect from the outside, our friends and family often do not want to hear that the perfection is an illusion. They think we are selfish for not being content or happy with what they perceive as more than adequate,  or even enviable. Shannon Hart shows that perfection is often a veneer, and that having all the right things doesn’t bring happiness. Through Sarah, she reminds us that happiness and contentment come from being our authentic selves.  It’s a lesson the bears repeating.

When I started reading the book, I was distracted by some awkward phrasing.  I feel it is only fair to warn you about that, but I also think the merits of the story far outweigh any of these errors.  I look forward to reading more from Shannon Hart.  I think any woman who has ever struggled with wondering where SHE is in the midst of all the other roles she plays will really enjoy Until the End of Forever.

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