I’ve been invited to participate in a challenge for 2012 that sounds like a lot of fun.  Butterfly-o-Meter Books is sponsoring MB2012NYRC, in which all participants will set bookish resolutions and cheer each other on as we work to meet our goals.

So, the first resolution I’m posting is to read one book each month of 2012 from my book backlog. I’ve bought so many books over the years that I haven’t read and it is time to start remedying that.  At first, I thought my resolution would be to read all the books in my backlog before I bought ANY new books in 2012. I knew that was setting myself up for failure- sometimes you HAVE to read something right away. But I do think choosing one book from the backlog each month to read is doable, and will let me read new stuff as well.

Some of the books in my backlog to read include: The Tudors, Anarchy Evolution, Decoded, Wizards First Rule, and Anthropology of an American Girl.  There are plenty more around the house (and on my iPad) to round out that list of twelve.

I haven’t decided on any other bookish resolutions yet.  I love to read so much that I want to choose my resolutions carefully. I don’t ever want reading to feel like work to me.

If you’re interested in checking out the bookish resolution challenge, you can check it out here or via the button on TheBookFetishBlog homepage. And if you know of any other good challenges out there for 2012, by all means let me know.