Debora Geary is back with the third installment in her Witch series, A Reckless Witch. If you follow me at all, you know that I absolutely adore this series and this latest book is no exception.

A Reckless Witch follows the story of Sierra, and eighteen year old witch who discovers her connection to the witching community.  Our favorite characters are back, along with some exciting new ones. As Sierra learns to balance her powers, the witching community prepares to welcome its newest member.

Like the other Witch books, what continued to strike me as I read A Reckless Witch is the love and acceptance of the witching community. Sure, the spell casting is cool, and who wouldn’t want a bit of that ability if it were possible? And I loved the Harry Potter references in this particular book.  But it is still the love and friendship and genuine caring for each other that I really love about these stories.  Every time I read one, I think how wonderful it would be if we all had that much love in our lives.  Truthfully,  reading these books makes me want to be a better person, to throw away some of my cynicism and look for more opportunities to be a loving person.

So, if you’re still resisting these Witch books, do yourself a favor and check them out.  I read A Reckless Witch on the Kindle for iPad app. Nook and iBook versions will be available soon, if you can’t find them right away.  But start with A Modern Witch.