One of my favorites, Debora Geary, is back with the second book in the Witchlight Trilogy, Witches Under Way. I couldn’t really review the first book in the set, Witches on Parole because I related so much to one of the characters, Elsie.

But I love Debora Geary’s “Witch” books so much that I want to talk about this one. If you’ve read my other Witch reviews, you know that what draws me to these stories so much is the love and community and friendship in them. Our beloved, familiar characters are back, and Geary doesn’t disappoint with the magical adventures.

Lizard and Elsie have formed a tenuous friendship, and as they get closer to facing their own fears, they realize that their biggest ally might just come in the form of their most unlikely friend.  Of course, this is Witch Central, so magical mayhem abounds. So does well-intentioned meddling, a well-aimed water gun, much laughter, and tears borne out of knowing unconditional love and support.

One thing I particularly love about this book is the role of music in it. Elsie starts to find her true self through music, which I can appreciate so very well. And I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but suffice it to say that I found myself singing along to my iPod, loudly and off-key, as I cooked dinner tonight… completely inspired by a part of the storyline.

These characters, this Witching community, and the way Geary tells their stories, always leaves me wanting more.  I’m still very much Elsie, and I can’t wait to find out what awaits Lizard and Elsie in the next chapter of their stories.