Sometimes I feel like my reviews of Debora Geary’s books must get tedious, because they all say how much I love the books. Witches In Flight is no exception, so if you’re sick of hearing how much I love these books, and you’ve not read them yourself yet, well, then…. keep reading and deal with it.

This final installment in the Witches on Parole sub trilogy to the “Modern Witch” series wraps things up nicely. We’ve seen Lizard and Elsie grow with the support, community, and love of Witch Central. Change is hard, and believing in yourself is daunting, even with Witch Central behind you. Lizard and Elsie have come a long way, but the hardest part is yet to come- they must take everything they’ve learned about themselves and step out into their new lives.

Of course, this is not without challenge and drama. Can Lizard believe she’s more than her past? Can Elsie come out of her shell enough to embrace not only the goofy childlike creativity inside her, but also the creative, passionate woman she feels lingering just below the surface?

And just like in the first two books, I felt like Debora Geary was writing my story when she writes Elsie.  She uses Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” as a song of praise and hope in this story, and I feel like it truly is Elsie’s anthem.

Chock full of the trademark humor, love, community, and magic we’ve come to love with Geary’s “Witch” novels, Witches In Flight wraps up the story in quite a satisfactory way… and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of some of our beloved characters (at least I hope so), sharing what they’ve learned and supporting Witch Central.

If you haven’t read these yet, what are you waiting for?