Book 4 in the Modern Witch series, A Nomadic Witch, is here! And in true Debora Geary fashion, it doesn’t disappoint. With A Nomadic Witch we find our resident curmudgeon, Marcus Buchanan, the subject of a cryptic prediction delivered by a flashy, flamboyant, witch named Adele. The message Adele brings to Marcus is one of life and death and it turns Marcus’ life – and the rest of the Witch Central community- into chaos.

A number of our favorite Berkeley residents make an appearance in the story, but the Nova Scotia residents play a larger role in this book. We also get to see a lot of Nell’s husband, Daniel, which I thought was a nice addition.  I like seeing him interact with the other Witch Central men.

Old magic and Irish legend play a part, as well, which I always enjoy because of my own Irish roots. I think most of us would welcome an Irish Gran like Moira.  In  A Nomadic Witch, we see an unfamiliar vulnerability to Moira, which serves to deepen her characterization.

I don’t want to spoil this book so I’m not going to go into a lot of detail when I say this, but A Nomadic Witch is a bit of an emotional roller coaster. The reader gets a real sense of the emotions of all the main players but most especially Marcus and Moira, and at times your heart just breaks for them.

The trademark love, community, laughter, and friendship that I adore in this series (and you know that if you’ve read any of my other reviews of Geary’s books) is ever present in this book, as well. In fact, I hope Debora won’t mind if I nickname my own house “Witch Central” as a constant reminder to embrace love and friendship and community and celebrate the magic all around us.

If you’ve not tried the Modern Witch series yet, you’re really missing out- they’ll make perfect summer reads, so what are you waiting for? Check them out.