screenshot89 My first review of 2013! I finished the audiobook of Rob Lowe’s autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, on December 30, but this is my first chance to write about it. Narrated by Lowe, the audiobook is charming, enlightening, and entertaining.

Lowe recounts key aspects of his early life, then his journey to Hollywood and his career as an actor. The stories Lowe tells give us glimpses of his early acting days and the friends he made along the way. It doesn’t feel like namedropping when Lowe recounts exploits with Tom Cruise, Charlie Sheen, and Emilio Estevez, among others. It just feels like you’re listening to a guy reminiscing about good times with people you vaguely know.

I had no idea that Lowe’s career had been so prolific.  He’s honest when he recalls filming The Outsiders and how crushing it was when his big scene was cut. It makes me want to go back and watch the movie again, as well as re-read the book.

I also didn’t realize how much politics has influenced Lowe in real life.  It explains why he hardly seemed to be acting when he played Sam Seaborn on The West Wing. 

While Lowe doesn’t go into terribly gory details about his sex tape scandal and his stint in rehab, he doesn’t shy away from those parts of his past, either.  He admits when he’s wrong, but he doesn’t dwell on it, make it more melodramatic than it was, or try to gloss it over.

This was an entertaining read- well, listen. I think hearing it in literally Lowe’s own voice added to it. He seems like a class act guy with a good head on his shoulders. Always on the cusp of super-stardom but never quite achieving it, Lowe and his wife Cheryl have made a life that works for them. He works steadily, has the respect of a number of his peers, and seems very grounded.

If you like Rob Lowe, definitely check out this one.