screenshot110The latest installment in Debora Geary’s Modern Witch series debuted today, and I took adavntage of an open day and gorgeous weather to sit outside and read it cover to cover. I’ve been looking forward to this one since Debora announced the title, and I was not disappointed.

A Celtic Witch takes place in Fisher’s Cove, with many of our favorite Nova Scotia witches making an appearance. This installment focuses on Cassidy (Cass) Farrell, a world renowned Celtic Fiddle player and witch of the Old Irish Ways. On a break from her hectic tour schedule, and listening to the thrumming of the rocks, Cass finds herself seeking respite in Fisher’s Cove. She’s quickly embraced by the Nova Scotia witches, but it appears a special bond may be forming between Cass and our favorite Fisher’s Cove bachelor Wizard. As Cass listens to the rocks, and to her heart, will she have the courage to embrace the next phase of her life as a woman, an artist, and a witch?

I was particularly drawn to this part of the Modern Witch story because of my own Celtic roots.  I remember standing on the top of the Hill of Tara- said to be the entrance to the Other World and  the Celtic gods and goddesses- on my last trip to Ireland and feeling a sense of mysticism. It was something I felt to my core, similar to the first time I was in the Scottish Highlands.  It simply felt like home. I get this same sense in the way Cass and Moira experience some of their powers.  I think that is part of the reason this particular book appealed to me so much; it brings about those same feelings.

I also very much enjoyed how Geary explores Cass’ dilemma, of sorting out what next to do with her life. Debora has an eerie ability to be able to say something in her books that I need to hear at that particular time, and A Celtic Witch is no exception.  That is, in part, one of the reasons I love the series so much.  I found myself many times in this book identifying with Cass’ internal struggle, and identifying with the fear and hope she experiences.

While our West Coast witches don’t have a big part in this book, save a few brief appearances by Nell, their presence is felt. This is still very much a Modern Witch book, and the focus on empathy, love, and community still play a strong role in the story. You can imagine Nell regaling the Witch Central community back in California with the latest news from Fisher’s Cove.

Geary continues to deliver with this series, and it’s sub stories.  And of course, I can’t wait to read more.