screenshot122 Debora Geary is back in this seventh book in the Modern Witch series. Packed full of our favorite characters, A Lost Witch brings with it an emotional punch I wasn’t expecting. And yes, something in the books almost always makes me cry, but this one is different, deeper. In part, I think, because of the plot twist Geary throws into this one, but also because of what Hannah Kendrick shows Witch Central.

A Lost Witch, while the last of the Modern Witch series, is also a transition point. Geary will be back later this year with our favorite witches in a new series. In A Lost Witch, she appears to be laying the foundation for some of the future possible stories.

If you’ve read any of my previous reviews of Geary’s books, you know it is the sense of community and love that I most enjoy in the books. There’s no shortage of that in A Lost Witch, and I think arguably even more, given what happens at the end of the book.

Geary’s characters continue to grow and evolve, which is needed in any progressive series or the reader just gets bored.  And as the series progresses, Geary has showed more vulnerability in some of the main characters, particularly Nell,  which adds a sense of realism to a series that makes it seem as though none of us should be too surprised to find witches in our midst.

The Modern Witch stories above all celebrate love, loyalty, family (chosen or birth), and whimsy.  A Lost Witch is full of all of these, and surprising wisdom and insight from the youngest members of Witch Central.  I think most of us would be a lot happier if we played more like Witch Central citizens do.

A Lost Witch ends the Modern Witch series on a high note, and lays the threads of what is to come.  I, for one, am counting the days until September and the first of the new series.