screenshot134 The first book in Debora Geary’s new Witch Central series is here! An Imperfect Witch continues the stories of our Witch Central cast. In this instance, beloved Lizard is struggling with adjusting to her new life in Witch Central. After all, old insecurities are sometimes hard to shake. Now Lizard has to make a choice- does she go forward with her new life- her new friends, her new love- and take a chance at all life has to offer, or does she give into the Lizard of the past?

Rich with all the elements I love about the Modern Witch series, An Imperfect Witch is a great start to this new series.  It’s full of the characters I love- witch and non-magical alike- and all the things that make me want to live in Witch Central: the support, the love, the silliness, and the encouragement.  Each time a new Witch book comes out, it’s like visiting with old friends.

It would be easy for Geary to take these stories on a saccharine path, but she doesn’t do that. There’s still an edge and stubbornness to the characters, and they still face very real challenges. Granted, they have some pretty cool magical tools at their disposal to help save the day, but that doesn’t make their problems any less real. Most of us have been scared, at one time or another, to make a commitment and make decisions like Lizard is faced with in this book- and most of us haven’t had Witch Central to have our backs during this time, to know when to push us and to know when to catch our falls.

I’m so glad the Modern Witch series was only the beginning.  An Imperfect Witch was the perfect way to start the new series- a character everyone loves, the trademarks we love from the first series and a great water fight.  I can’t wait for the next book!