Hello all- it’s time for this week’s download of all the things I’m mulling over in my head.

If you’re doing NaNoWriMo, I hope it’s going well for you.  If you’re doing Movember…. well, I hope you find a way to stay presentable.  Just kidding- it’s for a good cause, so go for it.

I’ve been reading Allegiant this week.  It’s not been grabbing me like I thought it might. But I finished Snow White Must Die and Tuesday evening, I am going to sit down and write some blog posts I’ve been putting off.

I saw a play Wednesday night.  It is Steve Yockey’s latest, PLUTO.  I saw a director’s rough cut at a local theater, which means I was in one of the first audiences to see it anywhere. Absolutely phenomenal. Days later, I’m still thinking about parts of it.  It packed an unexpected emotional punch, and I highly recommend you see this if you have the opportunity. Opening night here sold out, and early reviews? People are loving it. So GO!

Do you feel like you take care of yourself like you should?  I feel like I do about 80% of the time, and it is the 20% that I don’t that is causing me angst- crazy allergies, a plateau in weight, just not feeling as good as I could. So this week, I am recommitting to taking care of me. I haven’t been to the gym in three weeks, and one way or another, I am getting in at least one workout this week, with a goal of getting completely back in my groove.  I love this fall time of year- but it is easy to get complacent. So I made a healthy dinner in the slow cooker today, and will be able to have filling, nutritious food on hand this week, which is a good start.

I’m still struggling with some of this opening up stuff, but that is  a part of why I do this column. There are places, that, if I start to go there in this segment, I’ve committed to going deep with. This is not one of those weeks where I am going to hit anything terribly heavy, but I’m musing over some things in my head, and I expect that in the next few days I’ll start to have things come together for next week.

Until then- enjoy what’s left of your Sunday, and get ready for some book reviews in the coming week.