screenshot145 I cried through roughly the last third of Debora Geary’s latest release, An Unlikely Witch. The residents of Witch Central have faced tough times in the past, but there’s always been a solution. In this case, something is going on with Nat and Jamie, and no matter how well intentioned Witch Central is, this isn’t something they and their magic can solve.

This is a story of learning to accept that what we desire most may not be meant to be.  It’s a story of a community embracing their own even when there’s no simple solution to a problem.  It’s a story about love conquering all, even when love is really all there is. It’s a story about being grateful for what we do have. And it’s a story about learning that sometimes dreams do come true, even if it isn’t in quite the way we imagined.

As usual, Geary manages to give me some message that I need to hear, even if I am not fully aware of it at the time. I believe that is a part of the reason that I was a bawling mess through the end of the book.

I talk about this in every review I do of a Debora Geary book- the community, friendship, and love amongst the residents of Witch Central and those who stumble (or who are ported into) their midst is really what makes these stories.   For books that make you feel good, even when they take you through an emotional wringer, you can’t do better than Geary’s  Witch books.

Reading these books makes me want to live life more fully, be a better person, be a better friend, and approach life from a place of love and acceptance rather than cynicism and sarcasm.

Debora rarely gives interviews, but she did give one recently to the folks at Herbiary. You can read it here.

I love these books, and can’t encourage you too much to check them out.