To Everything There is a Season… that’s been running through my head a lot lately.  After all my talk and plans earlier this year to post more frequently, life went and did its own thing, as it is prone to do, and here I am weeks without publishing anything.

Without going into too much detail, at least for now, in early April, my mother got some strange results from the doctor after not feeling well over a weekend. Fast forward roughly five weeks,  on Friday, we got confirmation of a secondary adenocarcinoma of the liver, which is a fancy way of saying she has cancer in her liver but it didn’t start there. Any time cancer moves from a primary source into other organs, it’s automatically Stage IV, serious stuff.  This situation is complicated by an inability to determine the exact source, which means we are waiting on some additional test results to see if we can sort that out, and then determine treatment options.

So, between work and traveling to my mom’s, and tests, and doctor visits, and bringing her to my city for additional tests and doctor visits, reading fell off the table a bit. Consequently, so did blogging.  I’m so far behind and I sincerely appreciate the patience of publishers and authors who have understood that I have had to shift schedules for a bit.

But I’m back- two posts will be coming up this week. Two very different books, but I’ve enjoyed them both, and I can’t wait to share them with you.