When I saw a post from Debora Geary pop up on Facebook this weekend, I was ready to read about the release date for the next book in the Witch Central series. If you follow this blog, you know this is one of my favorite series of books and sets of characters.

The news about the new book was not what I wanted to see. In a very honest, heartfelt , and personal letter, Debora let her readers know that the book has been indefinitely delayed. That her own life has imploded in an unexpected but very real way that is impacting her ability to write for these characters she loves- and for their stories to be told in the way her fans love.

What exploded from that posting was not a litany of frustration at the delay of the book, but an outpouring of the very best elements- and my favorite parts- of this series of books.  A community of readers coming together in our virtual world to offer words of support, comfort, and understanding.  You know, love. The very best of what we have in this world, when I know it must hurt Debora’s heart that she cannot tell these stories right now.

I’ve been quite introspective the last few weeks- lots going on in my own life- and what I continue to see is love. Of people sincerely offering to help. Of people wanting the best even if they have no way of delivering it.  Of freely offered good thoughts or prayers or peace.  It’s so easy to overlook all of that in the flotsam of our daily lives, when we are running late and worrying about what we’ll cook for dinner or if we’ll have time to squeeze in a workout; if we are good enough at work, with our family, with our friends- and these are just the first world problems, not the deeper ones of life and death and hunger and pain on so many levels.

It’s why I read and re-read Debora’s books, because it is this love, this community, this group of characters who help because they can and want to, that I want more of in my own life.  So it has made me so happy to see the hundreds of comments from Debora’s readers in support of her and what she needs right now- as an author and a person. What a gift that is.  I think as fans, that while we wish Debora did not have to go through this situation, we are grateful that we are able to offer back some of the gifts her work has given to us.