As a reader, I’m always excited for hear that Laurel Osterkamp has a new book coming out. With American Angst we get more stories from our heroines of November Surprise and The Holdout.

American Angst is a tightly woven set of vignettes about Lucy, trying to balance her life and her relationship with husband Monty; and Robin, who is trying to balance herself. We get Lucy’s political posts from her 2012 Election blog, and we get some details about how Robin found herself on The Holdout. We get the drama of extended family and holidays and the messiness of life, but doused in snark, humor, and all-too-relatable emotion.

It bears repeating from earlier posts that  I think more people should be reading Laurel Osterkamp. I believe most women will recognize some of herself in her characters, which is a big part of why I like them so much.  She writes women I feel like I could call friends.

It’s a treat getting some of the behind the scenes details from the previous books.  American Angst could be read standalone- I think it would make a new-to-Laurel reader curious about her other books- although I am glad I read them in the order they were published.

Laurel has a day job, so I know she can’t spend all her time writing, but I am looking forward to her next book!