I told you in A Long Goodbye that my mother was ill.  That’s been the reason that I have not been actively posting on the blog for the last several weeks. All of my focus has been there.

Last Tuesday morning, I lost my mother.  It was peaceful, and she had been able to see so many of the people who meant so much to her before she passed. I am incredibly lucky that up until the end, she knew me. And I’m more grateful than I can articulate to the staff of her hospice for being so good to her and to me and my family over the last several weeks. I am also lucky that I was able to say what I needed to to her- She knew it was OK for her to go.

Things are still a bit of a roller coaster for me, so postings will continue to be sporadic for a while. Please know that I am reading, and if I have agreed to a review, it will come eventually, but right now, I am finding it very hard to concentrate and do new books justice.  I’m re-reading a lot of old favorites with beloved characters, when I am reading at all.

Please know I appreciate your patience and understanding and I will be back reviewing some, but I need a little downtime right now.