I’ve not done a reading challenge in a while. This week I’ve read some posts from people saying why they won’t do a reading challenge in 2015 and why they will.  And I decided I would set a challenge for myself this year.

But there’s a lot I’m planning to do next year, and I want to be reasonable in the goal I set.  So  I won’t be doing another “52 Books in 52 Weeks” challenge, like I did when I started this blog.

I’ve put together a reading challenge that is a bit all over the map. And it’s a monthly goal- twelve things to accomplish with books this year.

1) Read the book from a movie I’ve enjoyed

2) Read three physical books that have been sitting on the shelves or the nightstand or the end table for far too long

3) Read three books that have been on my Kindle for ages

4) Listen to three audiobooks that have been in my Audible library

5) Give a genre a chance- I’ll read something from a genre that doesn’t normally appeal to me

6) Read one book that so many other people have loved that I’ve just not warmed to yet.

That’s twelve. Something for each month.

Feel free to join in- or let me know what your own challenge is.