This post is about Cecil the Lion and my thoughts around this occurrence. The circumstances around Cecil’s death have made me sad and  sick to my stomach.  Stop reading now if you don’t want to know more. I’m recounting the details as I have read them, and they are disgusting to say the least.



Cecil the Lion.  By all accounts a gentle giant doing his Lion thing in Zimbabwe.  A tourist attraction bringing in far more than the $55,00 it is speculated that an American paid for the chance to hunt Cecil.  Although hunt isn’t exactly what I would call it.

Baited.  Lured from his preserve.

Shot with a Crossbow.  At night.

Tracked for 40 hours as he weakened.



His corpse left to rot.

All for “sport”.  Illegal.  His six male cubs will likely now also face death as an adult male seeks dominance of the Pride.

This “big game hunter” is allegedly a dentist form Minnesota who has paid for this “privilege” before.  I don’t understand it.  Please, someone explain it to me.

I have many family members who hunt, and who process their game.  Although I don’t hunt, I can understand this.  I cannot fathom situations like Cecil. And countless other animals poached for sport.  It makes me sick and sad, and if someone can explain the appeal to me, I’d at least listen.  But,  to me,  it seems a pretty cowardly way to prove your prowess.