screenshot15 Karin Slaughter’s Pretty Girls is an entertaining psychological thriller set in the Atlanta suburbs.

Two sisters, lost to each other years ago due to a family tragedy, come back together when one sister begins to suspect her own husband may be behind the disappearance of a local girl.

While the story was fast paced and entertaining, the graphic details around torture and murder were unsettling and distasteful.  I can handle a lot in thrillers, and there were times this was almost too much for me.

I also found parts of the plot – particularly around the husband (Paul’s) planning and control to be unrealistic.  I found it hard to believe anyone would have that much forethought.

And, speaking  vaguely here so that I don’t give away any major plot points,  I find it hard to believe so many people could keep such an atrocious secret.

So yes, there were parts of the book I found completely implausible, but I still kept turning pages, wanting to know if the villain was who I thought it was.  If you want a read for pure escapism, this is a good one despite the terribly dark and unsettling subject matter.  This is definitely not your light and happy Holiday read but I think fans of thrillers and mysteries will enjoy.