I’ve spent the last week reading Amanda Kyle Williams’ Keye Street novels. I thought this was a trilogy initially, so I read them all together. But Don’t Talk To Strangers left things a bit unresolved, so there’s room for the series to legitimately continue.

This is also another review of mystery-thrillers. The next review won’t be, I promise, but I like a good mystery and I’ve enjoyed reading them.

This series centers around former FBI Profiler, and recovering alcoholic, Keye Street. Since she was fired from the bureau, she’s become a private detective in Atlanta. The series starts with The Stranger You Seek where Keye is brought in to help the Atlanta Police Department investigate a series of murders.

I like Keye and the APD crew. I like that Keye admits her past mistakes, but doesn’t minimize the pull of addiction, even after being four years sober.

Living in the Atlanta area, I especially like the references to real places around the city.  I was annoyed on occasion about the numerous descriptions of the Atlanta summertime heat, but this is really a small annoyance.

What I like about these books so far is that there are challenging mysteries. Williams provides hints that I have picked up on in a few instances, but I have not figured out the whole story, and that keeps me entertained.

We know Keye best, because the stories are told from her point of view. ¬†Sometimes I wish we would get a little more about what makes other characters like Neil and Rauser tick, but there’s plenty of room for that in future books. While I will be checking out Williams’ other books, I hope that there is at least one more Keye Street novel, if for no other reason than to rectify the uncertainty and angst at the end of Book 3. Happy Reading!