12314540_1095265770491611_1199191014369046918_o Meredith Schorr’s Novelista Girl is out! Although it can be read standalone, Novelista Girl is the follow up to Blogger Girl.

From the Book Summary:
Kim runs the most popular chick lit book blog on the web, loves playing house with her sexy lawyer boyfriend, Nicholas, and is finally pursuing her life-long dream to become a published author. At first glance, her life is five-pink-champagne-flutes worthy.

But is there more to the story than meets the eye?

After hearing the phrase “chick lit is dead” more times than she’s read Bridget Jones’s Diary, Kim is driven to desperate measures, seeking advice from up-and-coming chick lit author, Hannah Marshak, her high school nemesis and resident “mean girl.” As if Kim doesn’t have enough on her plate balancing her secretarial duties with her blog Pastel is the New Black, shrugging off the growing pile of agent rejections, and keeping her best friend from turning green over Kim’s budding friendship with Hannah, Nicholas is so blinded by his career ambitions, he doesn’t see that their home sweet home could use more than a dash of sugar.

This is the year when all of Kim’s dreams—professional and romantic—are supposed to come true, but will the story have a happily ever after or will Kim end up unpublished and all alone?

This is trademark Meredith Schorr.  If you haven’t read Blogger Girl, you’ll find you like – and in the case of Hannah, love to not like so much-the characters.  And much like in A State of Jane, there were the occasional moments where I found myself frustrated a bit with Kim. That’s not a criticism- it’s that frustration you sometimes get when you see a friend obsessing over something or overreacting to a situation and you have to let them sort it through themselves.

What I like most about Meredith’s books is that her characters are relatable and the storylines are authentic. Our heroine is not over-the-top glamorous, she has insecurities, she makes mistakes. And even though she’s landed the perfect guy, that doesn’t mean that everything is smooth sailing.  The storyline isn’t contrived, or unrealistic.  It’s chick lit, yes, but it doesn’t come across saccharine like some stories do, and that makes it fun and appealing to read.

If you like Chick Lit, you can’t go wrong with reading Meredith Schorr, and if you haven’t checked out her books yet, what are you waiting for?

I read an Advance copy of Novelista Girl, so I expect there might be minor changes from the version I read.  And as always,  I present an honest review.