The last couple of years have taken a toll on my health.  I’m heavier than I want to be.  My bloodwork earlier this year showed cholesterol on the cusp of bad levels. My blood pressure is periodically high. My blood sugar is edging towards bad numbers. My allergies drive me crazy.  I feel like I’m carrying a stone around in my belly.  I’m tired. I’m puffy.

I have a certification in holistic nutrition. I know what I need to do.  But after nearly a year of meal replacements and pre-packaged meals comprising most of my diet (and wreaking havoc on my digestion), I have been struggling with eating real food again. Or at least the right real food.

After a year of drinking less than one soda a month, I was back to an unhealthy amount of Coke Zero.  I just don’t feel good. And I know the culprit is a lot of what I have (or have not) been eating.

I decided to do Whole 30 for a few reasons.  First, it is very similar to the elimination diet I did a few years ago to help determine root cause of some allergies.  And within days of eliminating those things, I felt much better.  Second, my first thought when contemplating the plan was “Wow, thirty days with no wine! What?”   And that was a big wake-up for me, because I don’t want anything like food or drink to have a hold over me.  Third, the Whole 30 plan is all real food, that I can select and prepare, and I can eat out with only a few modifications.

There might be some ugly moments over the next 30 days, but I want to feel better and be healthier. I think fueling myself properly, getting better and more consistent sleep, and moving more are the best ways to do that. If I happen to lose a few pounds in the process, great.

I’m planning to post daily about my experiences. This is also for a couple of reasons.  First, I need to get back in a regular blogging habit for the books, and blogging about food will help get me back in the blogging habit.  Second, posting every day will help keep me accountable to this commitment I have made.

What is Whole 30? You can check it out at

But, if you’re normally here for the books, don’t fret. I’ll have a new review up by the end of the week. I just finished a book last night.