Planning is key!  You have to have the right things on hand to make sure you aren’t tempted.  The thing I noticed most was the little cravings- oh, a piece of dark chocolate would be really good right now- and letting that go.  I miss gum and mints.

Yesterday wasn’t too bad. Working from home certainly helps. If something isn’t in the house, it is hard to be tempted by it.  I made a big tomato, celery, cucumber, and avocado salad for lunch, with a bit of balsamic, and about 3 ounces of chicken.

Dinner was spicy chicken sausage (no sugar added) and vegetables. I was skeptical of it as I was cooking it (and this was not a Whole 30 recipe), but it ended up tasting really yummy.

The Whole 30 effort is worth it for the Perfect Boiled Eggs recipe alone! I now can make the perfect soft/medium boiled eggs.

I like to cook, so that is one great thing about the Whole 30 plan. I’ll have plenty of recipes to try out.

Day 1 down, 29 to go.  I know there will be big challenges coming up  (hello, long weekend parties) but I can work through those.