A full week in.  I don’t have anything new to add, except to state, again, that planning is key.  There’s no “grab a Lean Cuisine” on this plan, so to have something easy and accessible takes some work.

I’ve taken advantage of the pre-made  roasted chicken from my Whole Foods, and their salad bar.  I can get some deli meats (reading labels, of course).  The key thing for me is left overs, and easy to snack on fruits and vegetables at the ready.

I’m drinking a lot of sparkling water and club soda in addition to regular water, and I confess, the thing I am missing most is drinks with more flavor.  Time to head back to Whole Foods to get some more fruit to make more mocktails.

With Whole 30, you stay off the scale, so I have no idea if I am losing weight yet.  I hope I’ll see a difference in the way my clothes fit soon.

I was at an event last night, and walked right by the dessert table. Nothing tempted me.  That’s a good thing! Now, let’s see how I fare next time  I see french fries…