When I was younger, I used to be that girl. The one who carried a book practically everywhere I went so that if I had a few minutes, I could read a few pages.

When I was too young to drive, but had to along on errands, I would sit in the car and read while Mom ran in and out of various shops.

I’d steal any few minutes I could to read.

Now, when I can carry hundreds of books with me on a device scarcely larger than my mobile phone, I don’t take it with me.  When I have a few minutes, I scroll through Facebook or Twitter. I take a turn in a few  of the seventeen games of Words With Friends I perpetually have going.

I want to go back to being “The Girl with the Book”.    Even when carrying smaller purses, my Kindle can fit in there.  When I read ebooks, it is usually on my iPad, so  I’m charging up the Kindle now.  I plan on taking it with me.  Letting Facebook and Twitter and Words With Friends sit quiet for a bit.  Take a few minutes out and read more pages in one of my current books. What about you?

Happy Friday! Happy Reading!