Reading The Boyfriend Swap is like watching an entertaining chick flick unfold on the page rather than screen.  It has the feel of two of my favorite Holiday films, Love, Actually, and The Holiday.

By natured of its premise, you have an idea where the story is going to go, and its a fun ride getting there.

Schorr’s trademark, for me, is relatable characters, and she doesn’t disappoint here. Robyn is the kind of person I would want to be friends with. And Sydney would exasperate me sometimes.  Honestly, at first glance, she’s not terribly likable, but she grew on me.  But,  what made this book enjoyable is the chemistry that practically radiated off the page between a certain character and… well, I won’t give anything away here. You have to read this one for yourself.

While this is chick-lit, Schorr is not formulaic. Things happen that you expect, but a lot will surprise you, too. And I think it will make you smile. That’s something we all need more of.

The Boyfriend Swap will be released November 7. It’s going to be the perfect escape from reality and get you in the mood for the Holidays. Put this one on your to-read list!