I read because I must. It's like breathing to me. And I love talking about books. But I'm also an Arsenal fan, a wine drinker, a music lover and weirdly obsessed with pop culture. I mostly blog about books, but sometimes about things I'm thinking or doing. When I'm not on the blog, I'm scoping deals for a professional services company, hanging out with friends, or seeing some live theater.

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Posted on 4 Dec 2011 In: Doing

This Charming Life

I wrote recently about the insane urge I’ve been having to wear pink. It’s still here, and I’m still exploring it.  And it has led me to my 2012 project.  I’m calling it This Charming Life.  It’s going to be my quest to create my own charming life.  I’ll give more details later, but for […]

Posted on 28 Apr 2011 In: Doing

The Artist’s Way

Earlier this year, I tried to start my own Happiness Project.  I confess, I didn’t think about it like I should have and it has largely fallen off my plans for this year.   Maybe next year I’ll pick it back up. But I’ve decided to start on The Artist’s Way.  This book by Julia […]

Posted on 31 Mar 2011 In: Doing

And Then, There Was The Time I Found A Snake In The Kitchen

With all the news about the escaped Cobra at the Bronx Zoo, the ladies over at Bitches on a Budget yesterday asked their Facebook fans how they feel about snakes. I have some snake jewelry I love. My Native American birth sign is a snake. I always visit the reptile house at the zoo (although, […]

Posted on 18 Jan 2011 In: Doing

I’ll Tell You No Lies

Last year, my “thing” was to read 52 books in 52 weeks.  This year, inspired by a book I read last year, I decided to do my own Happiness Project.  You can read about The Happiness Project here and my own thoughts about it here. For January, I am speaking only the truth. I don’t […]

Posted on 15 Jan 2011 In: Doing

The New TheBookFetish Blog

Thanks for checking out the new TheBookFetishBlog.  I’m excited to launch the new site and Facebook page. The only thing I can take credit for on this site, though, is the content of each post. Marian Schembari critiqued the original site and offered me invaluable feedback on ways to transform the site.  If you have […]