And here it is, the second installment in my efforts to be a more consistent blogger.  I’ve decided to name this the Sunday Win(e)d Down, wherein I pour a glass of wine and tell you some of the many things in my head.  First up, READING! I blogged a review and interview  and a review of a recounting of how Al Qeada got one over on our CIA in 2009. I finally posted my review of Debora Geary’s latest book. Progress, people! And hopefully more to come this week.

I finished Dorcas Good: Diary of a Salem Witch and honestly have no idea how I want to review this book.  I can’t decide yet how I feel about it. I read  I Am Malala this week, and I have a lot to say about it, although I’m still getting thoughts together.

In other news, I’m exhausted.  I had to travel for work this week and a bad dream Thursday night led to a very early and very long Friday that I’m still not over yet.  But I also brought my mom into town to see Rod Stewart in concert last night. When I took her back to Alabama today, I got to pet some donkeys, and that’s a phrase I never thought  would write, so here’s to interacting with nature. 1382359_10151737962455488_2096272390_n

Friday is my milestone birthday, and in my exhausted state I had a bit of a freak out last Friday when I realized “In one week, I’ll be…” It will be interesting to see how I handle this week and the actual day.  I’ve scheduled Friday as a vacation day, and my cousin and I are going to hang out doing whatever we feel like.

I’ve been neglecting working out- so I am planning to get back to that this week as well. Tuesday. Tomorrow is entirely too crazy to do it. But now I’ve said it out loud so you can all call me on it if I don’t do it.  Taking care of me is an important thing- and the photo  of me with the donkeys highlights in stark detail that I’m not doing enough to care for myself.

So that’s it for today- I couldn’t back out of my commitment to  blogging at least once a week the Sunday after I announce the commitment.  I’ve had no time to be contemplative this week, so this is all you get.

Until next time.