I read because I must. It's like breathing to me. And I love talking about books. But I'm also an Arsenal fan, a wine drinker, a music lover and weirdly obsessed with pop culture. I mostly blog about books, but sometimes about things I'm thinking or doing. When I'm not on the blog, I'm scoping deals for a professional services company, hanging out with friends, or seeing some live theater.

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Posted on 13 Oct 2014 In: Thinking

A BookFetishBlog Update

I told you in A Long Goodbye that my mother was ill.  That’s been the reason that I have not been actively posting on the blog for the last several weeks. All of my focus has been there. Last Tuesday morning, I lost my mother.  It was peaceful, and she had been able to see so […]

Posted on 14 Jul 2014 In: Thinking

A Long Goodbye

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve been pretty quiet because of personal matters.  My mother is terminally ill.  From feeling sick in early April,  to a cancer diagnosis in May, to a move to an assisted living facility in June, it’s been a hectic several weeks. My mother now lives about an hour […]

Posted on 26 May 2014 In: Reading, Thinking

When Life Imitates Art

When I saw a post from Debora Geary pop up on Facebook this weekend, I was ready to read about the release date for the next book in the Witch Central series. If you follow this blog, you know this is one of my favorite series of books and sets of characters. The news about […]

Posted on 11 May 2014 In: Thinking

To Everything

To Everything There is a Season… that’s been running through my head a lot lately.  After all my talk and plans earlier this year to post more frequently, life went and did its own thing, as it is prone to do, and here I am weeks without publishing anything. Without going into too much detail, […]

Posted on 29 Dec 2013 In: Thinking

The Sunday Win(e)d Down- December 29, 2013

Happy New Year!  I know I’m not the only one saying it, but I cannot believe 2013 is ending and 2014 is raring to go.  I like the number four.  Having a four in the year makes me hopeful for what may unfold in the new year. I’ve not written the Sunday Win(e)d Down in […]